American   Vision

More Americans are homeless every day

 17 Million are living in cars.  38 Million living in RVs - Full time

This does not include those homeless on the streets 
Over 50% of Americans are 2 - 6 months from homelessness

Instead of waiting for them to die we need to understand the real cause of homelessness,  come together, and solve the underlying problems.

            Housing the American Dream is a project which makes it possible for people who are homeless, are becoming homeless, to have housing, health care and training for new, sustainable skills.  Additionally, participants in our Fast Forward Villages can learn how to start their own businesses or partner with others.   
     American Dreams started because it is time those treated with disrespect were accorded the resources to make full participation in our economy possible for everyone.    

We need to remember:

The First Shall Be Last - And the Last Shall Be First

Instead of treating the homeless as failures we need to see them as the canaries in the mine who have warned us of the danger each of us faces today.   With them, by making the homeless first, we can solve every problem we face today.  

Keep in mind the trajectory of our economy, the persistent violence of war which is overtaking us, and the rising levels of toxicity surrounding us. 

How is this possible?  Interactive TV builds rapid understanding, compassion, and respect.  America Dream is a TV 2-Way Mass Audience participation TV show designed to reawaken our understanding of human courage, innovation, and caring.  

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Housing The American Dream

Experiencing the world together 
Makes Action Happen

The Hard Facts

2.5 million American children experienced homelessness in 2013, up 8% since the previous year.  62 percent of all Americans are one paycheck from homelessness. One emergency will put them in their car or on the street, joining the growing number of Americans experiencing trauma, depression and the failure of our 'safety net' to provide help. 

As far as we can see there is NO safety net, or bail-out, for anyone but corporations in our world today.  

If you believe homelessness is the result of stupidity, sloth or bad luck you are wide of the mark.  It can happen to anyone. Half of all homeless are families.     

It is time Americans stopped waiting for someone else to do 'something,' especially since the only governmental solution is to increase taxes, further stall small business, and push more of the tenuous teetering ledge onto the streets.  

We have solutions which are investments, not charity.  Rejecting the dichotomy between these two approaches we identified what is most important in an investment today.  That is security, security, security. Along with this, we can raise the standard of living for all of us, eliminating poverty. 

With Housing First Utah proved in 2005 the most driving need for those who are homeless is a secure place to live.  But the problem of restoring to people their self-confidence and rebuilding connected communities remains. 

Homelessness is the first and most obvious issue, and we can solve it.  See Solutions for more on this and on the issue of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, which comes with homelessness and the trauma of losing many of the connections we take for granted.  

We are going on a journey together, be ready to change your mind and look at today with new eyes.  

The solutions you see here work for all of us.  If you are homeless, elderly, can't afford medical care, have children, no savings, lost your home to mortgage fraud, took out student loans, lost your car to repossession, suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or a combination of these we can help you.  And by helping yourself you can bring economic security back to America for all of us.   

Many are now dying of neglect and indifference across our nation.  Elderly, who are homeless in California and look for affordable housing will wait to die.  The list for housing in every county in California was ten years long in 2016.  The list has not grown shorter. 

Utah and North Carolina have programs in place but these fail to account for the impact of health problems and neurological issues, for instance, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which made it impossible for the homeless to effectively change their lives without assistance.  Housing the American Dream demonstrates how this can be accomplished in a way that changes our economy, creating stability and opening the doors of opportunity for all of us.   

If one area of California, already struggling economically can accomplish what has proven to be impossible elsewhere, then we have proven the wrong tools were being used.  For this purpose, we have chosen the Banning-Beaumont area.

Causes - Solutions - Tools

Let's  Work Together - for all of us.