Human Investments

Human Investments build trust between people.  Without the intervention of government these investments allow people to provide what is needed so individuals, families, and communities can thrive and see the future as a destination which will fulfill their hopes with the confidence this is true.    

These are investments which may cycle through once, with the investor moving their funds and interest into other areas - or as often happens, the investor allows the original capital to remain in use by later borrowers.  

This is sustainable investing.  Everyone benefits, the borrowers and the investor.

Getting people a place where they can restart their lives does not have to be a big jump financially.  By using RVs as transitional living solutions individuals and families can qualify for a %AYE loan, allowing them time to get on their feet.  In this case the buyer starts at a $0 - extremely low payment each month.  With the new living place the buyer gets a space in a especially designed community.  Each space will be equiped with vertical growing space and an outside sitting area.

These areas are being designed to be transitional housing, first helping people struggling with homelessness, and then to house alternative health practitioners and provide Neurofeedback to recovering victims of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, ADHD and other conditions which have been proven to be treatable this way.   

These communities will be designed for use as enterprise incubators. as the original buyers move out to conventional housing, or continue to begin their own businesses.  Small business and start-up enterprise made America the global place for opportunity and it can be again.  

As the last decades have proved, women can be mothers who have a vision for business.  Housing the American Dream will include resources for children, keeping families close and allowing them to integrate the American model for inclusion of kids in business.   and individuals focused on business start-ups and want mobility with the incubator business resources which will be available.   which will provide close access to a package, included with the purchase, for health insurance, access to a health club in the community which includes Health Portal access to technologies which aid in recovery from trauma.