Stop the Threat of Epidemics in Los Angeles – How to End Homelessness

By Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, CEO Freedom Interactive TV Networks Association

How to Survive Climate Change – Prepare in Advance

Essential Steps:

  • End the Danger of Epidemics
  • End Homelessness with a Sustainable Humane  Economy (SHE)
  •  Stop the Hemorrhage of money through Rigid Installment Payments (RIPs)
  •  Prepare Now for Wildfires

       Summer is coming on and the memory of the wildfires of 2017 - 2018 and the dead in Paradise linger in our minds.  What is causing Climate Change does not matter as much when you are confronting it.
      In India today, temperatures hit 122 Degrees.  It is too late to stop extreme weather.  Now, we must prepare rapidly to adjust to changing conditions.
     The changes in weather patterns are taking place because the jet streams have moved; this is the reason the Midwest and East Coast were subjected to historically destructive flooding. 
     Although we predicted this, having followed the rise of temperatures and wildfires in Australia for over ten years, it took nearly 100 deaths for anyone to understand the dangers are real. 
    Now, instead of a decade, we have only months prepare. 
    The threat of Typhus and other epidemic diseases, including Bubonic Plague, are impacting the minds of residents in Los Angeles and elsewhere on the Pacific Coast from San Diego to Seattle. 
     Drew Pinsky, MD, an internist, exhorted his associates in Contagion Live, with, “Speak up and talk about what you’re seeing in the emergency rooms and in the clinics. We are the early detection systems. We know what’s going on before anybody. We see the trends, we know what they are, we see it coming.”   We agree.
     The time for Band-Aid solutions is over. 
     Blaming the homeless for the conditions they are enduring must no longer be tolerated; evasions of this kind will harm all of us. 
    If an epidemic occurred, those responsible will have failed in their duty to find housing and other help for those suffering from homelessness.  The threat to the homeless, and to the general population is obvious, and should never have been tolerated.  The potential liabilities arising from these conditions are both substantial and well documented.
    Millions of Taxpayer dollars have been spent by elected officials who have failed in their duties to protect the public, which includes the homeless, the most vulnerable among us.  The means exist, what has been lacking is the will to make it happen. 

Rat, mice and insect removal in the Downtown area.

     Removing the rats and mice will take two days, after set up, therefore, this will be planned for a weekend when traffic in the area is lowest. 
     In advance, we will contact all property owners with a fact sheet, informing them of the danger they face and offering to provide the same services to them.  This makes it clear that their property will be a possible destination for the pests.  The product we will use,  RATSECTPRO is produced by Green Shield Labs and is entirely non-toxic, containing, “Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Garlic Oil, Cedar Oil, Peppermint Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Caster Oil, Water, Soap, Ethyl lactate, isopropyl alcohol.”
    The rats leave where they have been living immediately, because the product impacts their olfactory sense.  Their destinations are now being designed.   
    Rat Corrals, allowing rats and mice to enter but making it impossible to leave, will be placed along corridors which herd the animals toward them.  These portable Corrals will contain water and food.  These will be removed by forklift pickup trucks. 
    We have done everything possible to reduce these highly intelligent animals suffering and trauma.  Our plans were made, keeping in mind the points provided by PETA, a recognized expert on the issue of animals. 
    Covering the area in question is projected to take teams of workers to contact local property owners with our offer to be included in the clean-up.
    We looked into ways which might make an alternative to painless euthanasia possible; yet with millions of rats and mice, and the grave possibility they are carrying disease, we realized we had only one choice.  The animals will die by rapid asphyxiation using dry ice and then be transported for immediate incineration. 

These are the facts we must confront:

     Rats and mice which carry fleas and lice, are the vector for multiple diseases. 
     Conditions in many areas, including downtown LA, invite rats and mice.
     Other municipalities and counties surrounding Los Angeles have been engaging in illegal behavior, forceable transport of the homeless in their areas into our downtown area of Los Angeles.
     Claims by officials that these problems could not be solved, are rebutted by the successful programs in Utah and North Carolina, which we have studied. These provide immediate housing and reduce social services by 91%.
     Businesses local to the homeless encampments, have been dumping their trash there to save themselves money, taking heartless advantage of the homeless.   

     Every government on the Pacific Coast has failed, utterly, to provide solutions to the growing tide of homelessness. 
Los Angeles does not even have a department to handle the problem, not that they are competent to do so.
     Traditional heavy metal poisons are now becoming illegal in California, a measure with which we agree as these result in extended pain and suffering for all mammals.      
     One pair of mice or rats produce 36,000 offspring in one year.
     We are facing a rodent population, the vector for epidemic diseases, which is in the millions. 
     The problem of clearing Greater Los Angeles of rats, mice, other rodents, and the insect population which carries the potentially epidemic diseases, is now reaching critical mass.   

The Solutions – From the First Cause to Problems Solved with a Sustainable Humane Economy (SHE)

Starting in Los Angeles -  

     The plan begins by clearing Los Angeles and surrounding areas of the threat of epidemics, while ending homelessness. 
     This will happen by providing temporary housing using RVs, which will be located on land by the jurisdictions who will in this way satisfy their obligation provided to our organization,  We will provide housing and relief to the homeless. 
     Funding will be provided by capital donations, investment. Repayment will be made with the original American charging method, Percentage As You Earn (%PAYE). See  This puts the cost of buying a home within reach of the homeless.  They no longer need to worry about eviction.  The buyer pledges a percentage-of-income and the method takes, as a given, erratic incomes.  Readying the available properties, can take place rapidly.  Revival Villages will be placed as small, detached communities with additional resources available to the formerly homeless.  %PAYE loans are finansured both for lender and buyer. 
     The charging method in use by all banks today is the Rigid Installment Payment (RIP), which is expected to result in failure in 16% – 27% of loans every year.  Also, RIPs fail in use for other kinds of payments, such as vehicles, student loans, and storage, and rent.   These, in large part, account for the present economic meltdown and the numbers of homeless. 
%PAYE loans, which have been used in multiple applications do not result in default.  While they provide a decent interest rate to lenders and landlords, without the problems caused by eviction and repossession; %PAYE loans also provide to buyers the security they need to move forward, increase their earnings, and realize their dreams.
    The figures provided for job creation do not account for the fact fewer and fewer people can survive when they have only one job.  Get that, Barack/Donald? 
    The formerly homeless will be invested in with smartphones, maker shops and training, which they will choose.  This will include 3DPrinting of both buildings and other useful items. This is the correct way to return production to America.  It is very possible these formerly homeless, will lead us to a revitalized economy and a new more compassionate America.
These Revival Villages on ceded land, will be funded through cooperation and capital donations.  No tax money will be used.   In this way, those homeless today will become homeowners, reclaiming their lives, and leading the way to renewed hope for America.
     What is created will be sustainable.  Sustainable homes with extended longevity, will be built rapidly on the areas to be mapped in and around greater Los Angeles.  For most, RVs will be short-term housing.
     Formerly homeless will get %PAYE financed health care. Health Portal, which accepts pre-existing conditions and is funded using %PAYE through group mutual insurance, will also lead the way for America.  New Members immediately benefit by receiving treatment for PTSD and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, allowing them to begin healing, physically and neurologically. 

How Many Homeless Are There?

     Today, on-the-ground estimates by advocates - puts the number of homeless at over 100,000 in Los Angeles.  They further acknowledge the number of homeless is rising faster than ‘affordable’ homes can be built.  The originating cause of this threat is not the homeless, but the same failure which has caused the paralyzing failure of America’s economy, especially in downturns; RIPs as a charging method.    
     We did not arrive at this advanced point of economic meltdown recently.  It has been coming for decades, caused using RIP loans.   In 1845, the British House of Lords, eager to cut costs while continuing to profit from loans they, with the advice of bankers, such as the de Rothschilds were making, many of which landed British subjects in debtor prison -- decided to make all of England a debtors’ prison.  Therefore, buyers could lose what they had purchased by falling behind in RIPs, even if only a small amount of money was still owed.  The big profits were in reclaiming the property.  (Sound familiar?)
     The homes which the homeless will, themselves, buy, must be entirely sustainable, a model for all of us, because we must lower the cost of housing and increase its longevity, make these fireproof and resistant to flooding.  Look at your insurance and you will see why.    
     These will be fireproof, hydrophobic, entirely self-contained, and have facilities for vertical growing built in.  The materials used, will be one of the many forms of geopolymers.  We cannot stop climate change, but we will endure and prosper despite the mistakes we have made. 
     The entire change-over will be covered on Interactive 2-Way TV, allowing mass-audience participation from all platforms.  This will help shorten time for adoption nationwide. 
     Conversions to %PAYE will, by then, be available online.   
     We will show the world a new America is coming, one with compassion and ready to solve our problems in community with each other.