Percentage-As-You-Earn (%AYE)
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Experts in the free-market recognize that it provides a very different outcome for both investors and for the borrower.  

Borrowers do not have to worry about foreclosure when they lose their jobs, become ill, have to take time to care for a loved-one or return to school.  The things which today are wreaking havoc in our lives become ordinary happenings which simply mean we pay the percentage agreed to, much less.  For instance, if  you agreed to pay 15% of your income for your home and your income was $150.000 and the loss of job dropped your income to $0 you pay nothing. 

It is a fact that, as with microloans around the world, these get paid and return unexpected interest in connecting us to each other in  ways never anticipated..   

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Health Portal enables improvements in health and opens up options most of us would never been possible in our life-times.   These include options for Longevity (1% of income more) and Ironman technologies which allow those who are disabled to be entirely employable in new professions.  

Health Portal, as indicated, is paid for by assigning a percentage of income, which can vary for any of us. 

New members of Health Portal, a Mutual Insurance Assocation, receive an assessment which allows them to alleviate existing health issues, of which they may not be aware.  The two technologies used, along with appropriate exercise and improved nutrition, are Neurofeedback and HyperbaricOxygen Therapy.

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Fast Forward Community (FFC) is both a place to call home, perhaps the first residence you own, the location for your local Health Portal, a community center that offers resources for training, workshops, hands-on experience with building and making technologies both ancient and edge today.
%AYE is the means for funding your membership and your health care.  You may not be making anything today but we believe in you and know you will be with your own mind and heart and a little help from us.