If You Are Homeless

      If you are homeless you have been caught up in the loss of your home from the greed and calloused disregard of harm done to individuals and families by the same people who run our nation today.  Their goal was to rapidly transfer wealth from ordinary Americans to themselves, and it has worked as planned.  You may feel angry, traumatized, afraid, worthless, or depressed.  That is entirely to be expected. 

        Being homeless has become a catchall word for worthless, lazy, criminally inclined.  The homeless have been subjected to a propaganda campaign intended to make them untouchable.  This is a cover intended to allow them to be treated as less than human. It is wrong. 
      We know how you feel and we are working to ensure you can escape from the horrors you struggle with every day and build a new life, one where you control your choices and can find stability, hope, opportunities and a new sense of accomplishment. 
       It may surprise you to know the one of the chied causes of homelessness is the Rigid Installment Payment (RIP).  This was foisted on us by the House of Lords in the early 1800s.  Until then. Americans paid off their debts but those making the loans understood all of us can have erratic incomes.  The RIP loans you think are just 'normal' are designed to allow your equity and other property to be stripped away.  RIP and STRIP.  More on that
       You do not have to remain their victim – you can fight back and reclaim your life.  You do not have towait for government to decide to help you, you can do ths yourself.
       You will be able to, buy a home, get health care, alleviate the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder you are experiencing and open new opportunities for yourself and your family
       You can lead the way toward the sustainable world all of us need to survive on Earth. 
     You have seen the news on Climate Change.  Last summer you saw the images online as the town of Paradise was incinerated.  Many of the victims there are also homeless now, waiting for housing.  But the housing supplied to them, after months and likely years of waiting, will still be vulnerable to fire, floods and other hazards.  
        America is facing the most serious economic downturn in our history, caused by those without conscience.  But you can escape from this and help others do the same.  
    Housing the American Dream is now acting to make it possible for you to have a home for yourself made of sustainable materials.  These will be built in communities around California, hopefully close to where you were living before. 
       These homes are not just a place to live, they will provide to you the means and time to build a new life for yourself, one where you can heal,  learn new skills and have the stability you need to move forward. 
       It is your life, not for government do decide.   As you recover from the trauma you will find new possibilities for your future.  
        The first step to make this happen is to be counted and then heard.  The counts of homeless individuals are always low even while they complain about the large numbers.  It is not a coincidence that billions of dollars have passed through the hands of bureaucrats without helping the homeless.  Government will do nothing, but we can.  We can provide an accurate count.  By being counted, you will no longer be invisible.  
       Instead of being left to die, you can reclaim your life. 
       What you can do right now is fill out this survey which will help us establish the transitional communities, which we call Fast Forward Communities, where you can begin to heal, body and mind, and find new possibilities for yourself.  You can become a homeowner of a sustainable home which will cost less than you imagined possible.  If you decide to move you will transfer your Percentage As You Earn Loan. 
    The first step is to register here and get others who are homeless to be counted.  The numbers of homeless are in the tens of thousands.  We will send out updates on our progress and the state of the placeless.
      The information you provide to us will be used to hold those who have abused our trust accountable.  The survey and registration provide us with what we need to start Fast Forward Communities.  These are sustainable, homes you buy with a %PAYE loan using a promise to pay with the future income you will have when you are no longer homeless. 

      Read about the long history of these loans at %PAYE .  Americans used this form of financing to leave the OldWorld behind them.  Investors paid their fare to reach the colonies and also provided a grubstake and tools.  These early Americans prospered and repaid the loan, as a percentage of their income.  
       Percentage As You Earn loans built America.  You can also have health care which you cannot lose through a membership mutual insurance company.  You choose what treatments you want. 
      We need to know what you will need and more so we can help you help us change America’s economy to one which is both sustainable, humane, and where all of us are treated with dignity and honesty.
        The first step on the path is knowing about you and those you know who face the same problems. 
        Please use the
SURVEY to help us help you.  

        Tell us about what is happening to you now.  Then, tell us about how you became homeless and about the problems you are facing.
       Our goal is ending homelessness forever as we change direction by and make peace with the world.  

                                                                                                                                                                             God Bless and Keep you safe!

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