The Show - Housing the American Dream

      It is not theory, but proven fact, that passive TV, the kind you experienced from its invention until into the 1990s, was a one-way form of communication.  TV talked, we listened and watched.  Because of this it was the perfect medium for propaganda.  
      This began to change in 1992 with the onset of phone responses, what we call PhoneVoting.  This allowed people to express AGREE - DISAGREE reactions to what they were seeing to some few segments of content they were viewing on their otherwise, passive TV.  
      Americans were already frustrated and dissatisfied with government in 1992.  But they hoped this could change.  A small window had opened, soon to be slammed shut.
     The Perot Campaign and the outcome of the 1992 election, which unseated George H W Bush, an historically popular president, replacing him with Mr. 'Feel Your Pain', Bill Clinton.  1992 resulted in a careful campaign to eliminate that tiny opportunity to speak out and interact via TV.   Clinton had used the power of satellite in diners, making use of careful editing before sending his clips on to news directors, to be aired via mass-audience satellite. This way, Bill got his content to a hundred million through news directors, who used it.  In this way Bill evaded any phonevoter tallies or interaction.  
    This LINK provides the real history of the elections from 1992 - 2012.   Watch the clips of Jerry Brown and Pat Buchanan, interacting spontaneously with their audiences. 
    Today, passive TV is dying, losing profitability and market share, because, unlike the Internet, you cannot be heard.  All of us, especially the homeless, need to this, to speak and be heard, their stories and struggles acknowledged.  

      Housing the American Dream is a show about human struggles with trauma, loss, grief and the despair which stretches and tests the faith and endurance of individuals facing the experience of being homeless so we can solve the problems humanity is facing today. 

              1. Living sustainably on Earth. 
              2. Understanding and valuing each other.  

      The technological tools for 2-Way, Interactive, Mass-Audience Participation television from all platforms and devices can take you to remote locations where you can experience the vastness of our world.  There, you experience the solitude and beauty of the natural world.  It can also take you to the encampment in downtown Los Angeles where you can meet and know people who are struggling, lost, forgotten, discarded.  
          It is our human nature that causes us to feel compassion, cheer for the positive advances of others, make suggestions, offer help and engage with others. 

        If you are drawn to the idea of Housing the American Dream, contact us.  We all have stories that need telling.  Go here to tell us yours.  and sign up for updates!