Real Causes of Homelessness

Failures of America's governmental and corporate Infrastructure

Not what you thought or even imagined

We are going to paint a picture for you which is very different from what you hear over and over again from government, all of the recognized authorities, and from the Main Stream Media.  Homelessness has been characterized as failures by people who are lazy, addicted, failures at life and unwilling to buckle down and work.  

There has always been a small number of individuals, most of them male, who we used to refer to as Hobos.  These individuals did not like to be tied to a routine and chose to live outside the 9-5 world.  They would take short term jobs, when they could find them, and otherwise accepted their irregularity of income, living at a subsistence level.  

These individuals are now very much the exception. Not only is this untrue, it is part of the conditioning used to persuade Americans facing homelessness they are worthless. This increases the trauma and self-doubt, producing a sense of shame which makes it more difficult for the individual to fight back. 

The overwhelming majority of individuals now experiencing homelessness are the victims of the existing predatory banking system and the shift from the dominant form for lending which came into use in the Colonies in the 1600's.  This was based on a percentage of income and encouraged hard-work and innovation.  The promise to repay was based on a percentage of income, not on the long-term purchase being financed.  This was, and will be again, a Percentage-As-You-Earn (%AYE) loan.  It is insured for both parties and also can be transferred to another residential purchase, vehicle or to advance educational opportunities.   

Social 'Security' is a sham carried out to steal the labor and equity Americans have build for nearly a century.  Welfare, Social Services, and local governmental efforts fail because most of the money extracted from taxpayers is spent on the ever growing and bloated infrastructure which also guarantees those running the system will remain withint the 'Middle-Class."   

And where is that 'safety net?"  Given the history of bail-outs it only existed for bankers and their friends.  


Safety Net for Predatory Corporations

Safety Net for Everyone Else

Causes of Homelessness asserted by
 the Establishment

​     Alcohol 
Lack of Work Skills 
     Dropped Out of school/college 
Stupid Life Choices 

     Overspending, profligate behavior
     Inability to budget
     Nasty personal habits
     Military Vets: Inability to adapt to Civilian Life

Actual Causes of Homelessness Today

Systemic Mortgage Fraud  - Rigid Installment Payments (RIPs) and the system of deceits and bullying which forces Americans into default for the essential tools they depend on for stability and prosperity.  Together, we refer to this tool for systematic theft of equity as a RIP & Strip.

Now let's take a look at proven solutions, tools, and articles on these.